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Since 2015, I have provided students with quality one-on-one tutoring sessions. As an experienced tutor, I understand that each student learns differently, which is why I work with each  student to find the best method for them. Aside from offering customized study plans, I guide my students to appreciate the philosophy of "winning the process" to reach their goals, providing them the opportunity to broaden their horizons and achieve personal success in their future. Get in touch with me today.

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It has always been my dream to attend college in the United States, as I grew up in Japan. I decided to take my first step towards my dream at an age of 14, when I came to the United States in high school to learn English and the American culture. Through my journey, I made meaningful friendships whom we inspired to learn from each other while gaining diversified perspectives. While English was my second language, I learned to systematically comprehend English, which helped me get accepted to Texas A&M University.

I am hoping that my diversified learning experience would contribute to future generations by helping students take a step closer to achieving their goals.

How It Works


Tutoring Options

I offer SAT and ACT Tutoring for both, Reading/Writing and Math sections for High School students to get admitted to their desired colleges.

Online One-on-One Lessons:

I offer quality one-on-one tutoring services and create a customized plan for each and every student, including testing strategies.

Rate: $90/hr

Levels of Teaching

Junior High

High School

College Applications


I offer a 30 minute  consultation to evaluate the gap between their current ability and goal.

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