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  • How do I book a tutoring session?
    Click "Book Online" and select the tutoring service you would like to receive. Once you've selected the service, select "Book Now" and enter your payment information to book our tutoring session.
  • What do your typical tutoring sessions look like?
    If the student is preparing for an upcoming SAT/ACT or other standardized tests, we will use the textbook practice tests provided by the College Board (creator of SAT/ACT) as a tool for our tutoring session. Materials can be bought through Amazon or local bookstores. Students will be assigned homework to prepare for these standardized tests from the textbook. Link to Amazon SAT prep book Link to Amazon, ACT prep book
  • How do I schedule tutoring sessions weekly?
    Select the subject you would like to receive tutoring sessions through "Book Online". Once you've selected the starting days and times, select "Buy a Pricing Plan" and click "Next". You have the option to choose 1~3 sessions per week. To lock in your time slots, please contact me through email: with the times and days you would like to book in advance.

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